Comprehensive Animal Rescue Software For Just $14.99/Month?
Yes Please!
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Plays Well With Others

Mobile Animal Rescue is compatible with all devices, from the smallest phone to the largest desktop. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser. Unlimited devices, users, data, and support are included.

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Expand Your Horizons

Mobile Animal Rescue is ready when you are: intake, outcome, scheduling, and reporting are all included. As your organization grows, you can expand your capabilities with add-ons like multiple-animal intake and merge documents with signatures.

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Save Time - And Animals

Mobile Animal Rescue's super-fast setup and easy learning curve means you have more time to do what you need to do. We handle data backups and software updates so you can concentrate on placing more animals.

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  • Works Everywhere
  • Designed with mobile devices in mind, but compatible with everything: phones, tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Easy to understand, easy to use
  • Web-based so you can work anywhere, anytime
  • Unlimited data, users, and devices
  • Full user manual and alphabetical program index
  • Unlimited support is included in every plan


  • Standard Programs
  • Intake and returns
  • Outcomes including adoptions, death, and euthanasia
  • Location and guardianship history
  • Microchips and licenses
  • E-mailable animal info
  • Visual reports
  • DO NOT ADOPT list
  • Search animals, people, intakes and get results in your choice of large or compact display
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Recents (last 25 screens you've visited)


  • Customizable
  • Change your screen colors anytime
  • Tailor your species and breeds lists to your needs
  • Phone number formatting and masking
  • Add current animal inventory, statistics, and more to your personal home page
  • Automatically capitalize names and addresses, or auto-convert to UPPERCASE or lowercase
  • Add values to dropdown lists on the fly
  • Data-entry screens remember your selections for next time

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  • Add-Ons Just $1.50 a Month Each
  • Merge Documents With Signature
    A full suite of customizable, user-designable merge documents with your choice of data and design: adoption contract, foster agreement, kennel card, transfer agreement, redemption/RTO form, and animal surrender agreement.
  • Advanced intake
    Custom intake form, "dangerous animal" and user-defined warnings, rabies tag/expiration/vet, incoming status, intake source, intake location, geographical area of origination, pick-up address
  • Multiple-animal intake
    For litters and other groups of animals received together; enter these animals one at a time or just specify the number of males and females
  • Foster homes and history
    Foster placements, returns, and reporting
  • Advanced outcomes
    Standard outcome types include adoption, death, and euthanasia; this program adds unlimited user-defined outcomes and transfers to other organizations
  • Animal Journal
    A complete transactional history of every event for the animals in your system; e-mailable to your choice of recipients

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